From May 23, 2017: Trump’s plan to destroy the US science budget [Foreshadowing Alert!]

His full budget proposal for the 2018 fiscal year requests that billions of dollars be slashed from the agencies tasked with funding and conducting research that drives innovation and keeps Americans healthy and safe.

…Trump intends to cut nearly $5.8 billion in funding from the National Institutes of Health — about 18 percent of the agency’s total budget. It also cuts hundreds of millions of dollars from infectious disease programs at the CDC, and an additional $841 million from the National Science Foundation, which funds basic scientific research.

… The budget proposal calls for $333 million in cuts to three CDC programs aimed at curbing the spread of infectious diseases.

…An additional $136 million in cuts for the CDC Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response — about 10 percent of the office’s budget. This is the CDC office that responds to public health emergencies like outbreaks, epidemics, or “chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats.”

An 18 percent cut of $76.3 million to the CDC’s Center for Global Health, which coordinates international public health efforts aimed at eradicating infectious and chronic diseases worldwide.

…Apparently the Trump administration doesn’t believe in protecting American jobs when they’re science jobs. 

Here’s Trump’s plan to destroy the US science budget – The Verge



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