Why Sanders Isn’t Winning Over Black Voters

Opinion | Why Sanders Isn’t Winning Over Black Voters – The New York Times

Ya gotta love it when an opinion piece starts out by referring to “assumptions” but doesn’t spell out what the assumption is or who holds it. It’s like: grab that glass of wine, reader, because this is going to be seven minutes of your life that you can’t get back.

“But consider a reason Mr. Sanders has done poorly among black voters that few are talking about: People with the most to gain by the numerous programs proposed by Mr. Sanders have also been the most disappointed by politics.”

Oh, for the love of Gaaa-uuughhh……. Really, few people are talking about it? By few, do you everyone who has a byline who has written about it? Because I will grant that they are not the sum total of the population. It might not be the first thing that gets brought up, but it sure as sh*t comes up pretty quick. I mean, where has the good doctor been? And who the eff have they been talking to?

Blah, blah, blah. Widespread and wholesale disenfranchisement is far from the only reason Bernie isn’t catching on in certain populations like older African-Americans.

Missed some opportunities? Is that what the kids on the street are calling a not-poor-super-super-white-guy-blinders-on reaction to #BLM? Dude brought some mayo with him on that one.



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