AP VoteCast: A state-by-state look at Democratic primaries

Among Michigan voters, …a wide majority — roughly three-quarters — said they think the economic system in this country is unfair. That includes about a third describing it as “very unfair.”  …Biden was considered the candidate best poised to handle the economy.

…In Missouri, a Republican-leaning state, Democratic primary voters were more confident in Biden’s chances of beating Trump than Sanders’.

Biden bested Sanders among men and women, college graduates and those without a degree, and white and African American voters. He enjoyed a significant advantage among older voters, while Sanders maintained his edge among voters under 30. Moderates and conservatives lined up solidly behind Biden.

While Sanders led among liberal voters, many of them — about 40% — supported Biden.

…Mississippi voters wanted a nominee that cares about people like them. Voters there ranked that as as big a priority as selecting a candidate who can beat Trump and exhibit strong leadership. About 9 in 10 primary voters in Mississippi said each of the three qualities was very important in a Democratic nominee, and Biden overwhelmingly won the support of those voters.

AP VoteCast: A state-by-state look at Democratic primaries – The Washington Post



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