When Will Iowa Caucus Results Be Released?

Mayor Pete Buttigieg seemed to claim that he was victorious in Iowa. …“Because by all indications we are going to New Hampshire victorious.” Buttigieg has been adamantly smiling ever since, as in this video where he ignores a CNN reporter’s question about why he prematurely declared victory in Iowa.

Bernie Sanders’s campaign also released internal caucus-result data from 40 percent of Iowa precincts showing him in first place, with 30 percent of the vote. His senior adviser Jeff Weaver cautioned in a statement, “We recognize that this does not replace the full data from the Iowa Democratic Party, but we believe firmly that our supporters worked too hard for too long to have the results of that work delayed.” 

…Elizabeth Warren’s campaign manager Roger Lau told reporters, “I think that every second goes by, every single second that passes where we don’t get a final result is concerning.”

…Biden’s general counsel Dana Remus [criticized] “acute failures” in the state’s reporting process.

When Will Iowa Caucus Results Be Released?



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