Iowa democratic caucus vote mess made worse by online political reaction

From what I recall our country’s hive mind of political junkies and practitioners did not have a collective meltdown the last time there was a delay. But of course, back then our discourse wasn’t nearly as aggressive. We didn’t have an election with stakes this high, or a social media with culture this toxic.

And so, instead of taking those merciful few hours of peace before breaking news broke us again to say, read a book or take a walk or — given the hour — just go to sleep, the news networks, horse-race politics media, and the far-too-online political commentators decided to engage in the following ridiculous behavior:

  • Claim that this delay would force party bosses to push the Iowa caucus later in the calendar year.
  • Claim that this is (or might as well be) a conspiracy against their candidate or questioning the integrity of the results. Two ideas which I’m sure Republicans are delighted to allow the public to continue engaging with throughout this election. (Given the paper trail and public nature of the caucuses, these concerns are foolish.)
  • Call for the ouster of the head of the Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez.
  • Blame Obama.
  • Question if the journalists who covered the events may feel stupid for doing their jobs because they didn’t see the outcome immediately.


….All of the conspiracy mongering and hot take throwing is only serving to confuse people outside the internet hive mind and to undermine public trust. 

Iowa democratic caucus vote mess made worse by online political reaction – Business Insider

Seriously though!


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