Stunning video shows a subway car completely covered in graffiti

When an entire train covered in graffiti suddenly appeared out of nowhere the other day, The New York City Police Benevolent Association lost its shit.

The PBA posted a video on social media showing the train entering a station with a dire warning about impending social collapse.

…As of this writing, the PBA post has gotten close to 14,000 comments, the majority of which think the mural rules big time. …Others pointed out the hypocrisy of condemning a train covered in graffiti, but not one that’s been wrapped in advertising, as the shuttle between Times Square and Grand Central frequently is.

It’s reasonable to suspect that many of the sentiments expressed were colored by the generally negative reaction to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s decision to flood stations with 500 additional police officers who seem to think that arresting churro vendors and tackling people on the platforms makes the public safer. 

Stunning video shows a subway car completely covered in graffiti



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