The media’s 2020 election coverage correction

There are many reasons Hillary Clinton lost the election, but the magnification of stories that ended up being meaningless was indisputably a prominent factor. It is also one factor that we can place squarely at the feet of media hungry for stories that rate, with little concern for the long-term implications [or facts].

…There were thousands of articles and countless TV segments dedicated to Clinton’s “crime” with a spike around former FBI Director James Comey’s decision not to bring charges against Clinton in August 2016 and then again when he announced the FBI was reopening the investigation just days before the election. This story was the original impetus for then-candidate Trump’s rally cry of “lock her up.” A Los Angeles Times analysis in August of 2016 found that “liar” and “corrupt” were the top two words most used when describing Clinton. And FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver argued that the Comey letter probably cost Clinton the election.

…Clinton was portrayed as professorial in an elitist and disconnected way. She was “too prepared.” ….Major publications and pundits openly mused about why Clinton was almost as disliked as Donald Trump.

Maybe the coverage had something to do with it? Clinton was the most admired woman in America for 17 years….

The media’s 2020 election coverage correction | TheHill

F’ the media and their “unbiased” bias. Left, right and center. F’ them all. They all ending up working for Putin and both truth and Democracy lost out to their cliquey,, gossipy, craven promotion of innuendo over facts.

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