Holocaust Survivor Is Swept Up in Italy’s Storm of Vitriol

Last month, to counteract what increasingly feels like a political time marked by ethnic scapegoating and nationalist invective, Ms. Segre called for the creation of a parliamentary commission to investigate hate, racism and social media.

But the League Party, led by Mr. Salvini, the post-fascist Brothers of Italy and the center-right Forza Italia led by former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi all opposed the commission.

They abstained from the vote, seeing it as a political trap by their enemies to make them look extremist and as a first step toward censorship.

…The motion passed without the conservative votes.

Ms. Segre expressed bewilderment at the abstentions, …“I thought a committee against hatred, as a matter of principle, should be accepted by everyone. I thought it was almost banal.”

Mr. Belli Paci said his mother had been taken back by the “barbarization” of the country. Nevertheless, he said, she planned to continue reaching out to students and telling the story of what happened here not so long ago.

Holocaust Survivor Is Swept Up in Italy’s Storm of Vitriol – The New York Times

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