Cop Charged With Punching Black Student, Lying About It

When police arrived, the school resource officers already had one juvenile in custody and the aunt of the child who was attacked was at the scene. The second video shows the officer approaching the aunt while yelling: “You want to go to jail? You want to go to jail? Let’s go!”

When the teen steps in between his aunt and the cop, Lawson punches the kid squarely in the face, sending the boy to the pavement.

When the cops wrote up the incident report, they claimed that the student “attempted to assault the officer,” and that he only delivered an “open palm” to the student. According to a federal lawsuit filed by the victim’s parents, Lawson ordered the child’s aunt to stop recording the incident and tried to confiscate the aunt’s phone. Lawson arrested the 17-year-old, charging resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

….[Lawson] told internal investigators that the child had balled up his fists, “bladed his body” and gave him an angry look.

…although the child’s face wasn’t visible in the footage, both hands were open and not making a fist. Lawson’s incident report also said that he immediately handcuffed the youngster but the video shows him kneeing the high-schooler in the chest.

….Lawson will turn himself in to authorities and face the charges of misdemeanor battery, false information (a misdemeanor), felony perjury, felony obstruction of justice and official misconduct—a felony.

[and then the prosecutor said some petty shit, casting aspirations at the Aunt of the boy was originally attacked. Because… douchebag’s gonna douchnozzle and nothing say douchenozzle like getting all patronizing and Trump level self-righteous in an attempt to divert attention away from the real asswipe in the situation.]

Cop Charged With Punching Black Student, Lying About It


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