State Police troopers had quota system for tickets, officials allege

Federal prosecutors say troopers from a troubled State Police unit had a quota system for issuing tickets to motorists, a practice that state courts have deemed unconstitutional and agency officials have repeatedly denied exists.

Members of the now-disbanded Troop E were expected to issue at least eight citations during their shifts under a specialized overtime program, which dozens of troopers allegedly abused to collect fraudulent overtime, according to prosecutors.

…“Repeated failures to meet this quota often resulted in a trooper being blocked from receiving such overtime opportunities.”

…Criminal justice and legal experts told the Globe that quotas are unconstitutional in Massachusetts, citing a landmark 2005 state appellate court decision regarding Newton police.

“The Appeals Court was very, very clear that nobody should be making the decision to issue a ticket but the cop out there on a case-by-case basis,” said Boston-based attorney Peter Elikann. “Any kind of quota would interfere with the police officer’s judgment.”

Officials at the US Attorney’s and Massachusetts Attorney General’s offices declined to comment. Each cited their ongoing probes into overtime abuse.

State Police officials have repeatedly denied that any quota system exists. 

…Those troopers — roughly one-third of Troop E’s members — are accused of bilking taxpayers out of tens of thousands of dollars in 2016 alone, submitting bogus traffic citations, filing for no-show shifts, and taking steps to hide their allegedly illegal activity.

State Police troopers had quota system for tickets, officials allege – The Boston Globe

“In his 32 years in policing, Kyes said he has never come across a department with [a ticket quota].”  <—– Ahem, Cough. Liar. Bold-faced lies like this is why officers of the law have zero credibility. Someone who point out to this gentleman that outside of the court system a lie told by an officer in uniform is not magically converted into and treated as truth.


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