White victimology, white privilege and the Covington Catholic rules of race | Salon.com

The mere accusation of racism against a white person is worse than the impact of racism on the safety, security, lives and literal existence of nonwhites.

…Whiteness is benign. White people, regardless of the evidence of their bad behavior or ill intent, are always entitled to the benefit of the doubt.

…White racial innocence and white racial fragility must always be honored.

…Intentions, feelings, and the unanswerable question “What is in their heart?” trumps all empirical evidence and facts about the consequences of racist behavior and the context in which it occurred.

…In America only white people are allowed to “stand their ground.” It is expected that nonwhites, especially black people, will always be deferential and submissive to white people. 

…”Personal responsibility” does not apply to white conservatives.

…For example: the white teen MAGA mob is somehow held to be not responsible for their foul behavior toward Native American elder Nathan Phillips because a small group of “Black Israelites” (essentially racial chauvinist black Power Ranger cosplay clowns) said mean things to them. [emphasis: mine]

…A group of white teenage boys donned their MAGA hats — which are overt and intentional symbols of bigotry, racism and ignorance — attended a right-wing Christian rally aimed at denying women their reproductive rights, then happened upon a group of “Black Israelite” cartoon bigots, and in retaliation decided to harass and insult a Native American. They did so because white privilege had trained them from birth that they would likely be able to act in such a way without consequences.

…What W.E.B. Du Bois described as the “psychological wages of whiteness” can take many forms. One of them is the ability of those deemed to be “white” to bend reality and distort plain and obvious facts in the service of white supremacy. Defending the behavior of the white teens of Covington Catholic is a prime example of an old and dangerous American problem.

White victimology, white privilege and the Covington Catholic rules of race | Salon.com


Thoroughly disappointed in (and have eroded respect for) for our fellow white liberals who wanted to talk about how there was ‘more’ to the Covington story and how we should ‘give the young boys a chance’ before condemning them. Whether meant to be or no, well-intended or not,  those types of responses were racist AF and you all should be very, very ashamed of yourselves both for being racist and for being stupid enough to be manipulated by the media like that. For reals. Peanut Gallery out.


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