The real immigration crisis is being ignored

So, our border is actually more secure than it has ever been, and illegal immigration is at historic lows. Instead of a wall, what should Congress be focused on?

…The drivers behind the exodus remain unaddressed. Conditions are still extremely bad; gang and domestic violence continues to terrorize huge numbers of people, and governments are too weak to do anything about it. In turn, this violence has led to economic breakdown — made even worse by environmental crises.

Meanwhile, our immigration system is breaking down from the flood of people seeking protection. There is currently a backlog of nearly 300,000 asylum cases, and it takes years for an asylum claim to be resolved.

…We also have to get our house in order by fixing the asylum system. Congress needs to ease the backlogs by hiring more immigration judges and asylum officers, and by changing the law to enable more expedited reviews, consistent with due process, as well as enabling some reviews to be done closer to the problem areas and away from our border.

…Farms depending on cheap labor from Mexico are facing labor shortages, and construction labor costs are making new homes more expensive than they used to be.

The real immigration crisis is being ignored – The San Diego Union-Tribune



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