Nancy Pelosi is too old and too unpopular to be speaker. She’s also too good at the job to pass over

Some Democrats are trying to stop the nomination and election of current party leader Nancy Pelosi. Their reasons are understandable, but not persuasive.

…In part, her unpopularity stems from her issue positions. Conservatives think she’s too progressive. Some among her caucus think she’s not progressive enough.

…Congress is unpopular. The institution has a 21% approval rating, while Republicans, Democrats, Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) are all way underwater in the public opinion surveys. Which not only puts Pelosi’s rating into context, but also raises a pertinent question: How much more popular would another Democrat be?

…Despite her occasional stumbles, the Democrats have plenty of evidence that Pelosi is up to the task of leadership. Notice that she just led her party to massive gains in the midterm elections.

…She is the Democrat best equipped to handle the institution’s main job, the crafting of laws.

The Affordable Care Act is the prime example. Pelosi shepherded it to passage when many thought that it was dead. Whoever takes the gavel in January will need that kind of skill. The presidency and the Senate are in the hands of the opposite party. Negotiating with Senate Majority Leader McConnell will be a particularly daunting challenge. He may be unpopular, but he is formidable: An inexperienced newcomer would be at risk of being eaten alive.

Nancy Pelosi is too old and too unpopular to be speaker. She’s also too good at the job to pass over – Los Angeles Times


…Not for nothing but some of the younger, more inexperienced Congresspeople who want the job don’t strike me all that savvy. Take Seth Moulton for example. It takes a special kind of idiot not to have any idea how badly a particular individual’s campaign will be received in the state right next door to you. …And make no mistake,  he was a big part of the colossal mistake that was his school chum’s carpetbagger campaign for congress in New Hampshire this cycle. If he wasn’t aware of how poorly that would be received in his own backyard, what does that say about his ability to assess what is and what is not feasible in DC? I’ll answer that one for you. Not frigging much.


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