Census Citizenship Question: Jeff Sessions Told DOJ Not To Discuss Alternatives

The Trump administration is fending off six lawsuits across the country over a citizenship question that has been added to the 2020 census for, officials insist, one primary reason — to get better data on who in the country is and isn’t a U.S. citizen.

…But days after the Census Bureau received the Justice Department’s request, its staff concluded that collecting people’s self-reported information through the census would not be the best way to generate better citizenship data. Instead, compiling existing government records about people’s citizenship status, the bureau found, would not only produce more accurate information but also cost less money.

To top it off, research by the Census Bureau suggests asking about citizenship status in the current political climate could discourage noncitizens …from taking part in the constitutionally-mandated head count of every person living in the U.S. That would harm the accuracy of the information collected through the census, which is used to distribute congressional seats, Electoral College votes and an estimated $800 billion annually in federal funding among the states.

Census Citizenship Question: Jeff Sessions Told DOJ Not To Discuss Alternatives : NPR



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