The GOP Wants Us To Think Being Accused Is As Bad As Being Assaulted

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, alternating between tantrum and pout, would like you to know that he has suffered.

…Kavanaugh, who has a lifetime appointment as a federal circuit court judge, lamented that he may never be able to teach law again or coach girls’ basketball. He …accused those who pushed for the hearing and a delay in the vote on his confirmation of seeking “to blow me up and to take me down” and asserted that the process has “destroyed” his family, his career ― his very life.

…But make no mistake: None of that rises to the level of destroying his life. He is not a victim, and what he has gone through is nowhere near on par with Blasey’s experiences.

…It does seem that Kavanaugh and his family have gone through a difficult time, facing public scorn and even death threats. No people should be made to fear for their safety because they are in the public eye.

But the idea that Kavanaugh has suffered anywhere near what Blasey has allegedly suffered or perhaps even more so is ludicrous. He may resent the way the confirmation process is going. He may be outraged that he isn’t facing a smooth path from one of the nation’s second-highest courts to the nation’s highest court.

…Kavanaugh and his family shouldn’t have to face death threats. And it certainly seems he’s impatient with his Senate confirmation process. But he has faced few, if any, repercussions for these alleged actions over his lifetime. At most, he currently risks not being confirmed to one of the most powerful positions in the country. The women who say he victimized them, on the other hand, have had to carry the consequences their entire lives.

The GOP Wants Us To Think Being Accused Is As Bad As Being Assaulted | HuffPost



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