NH State education department official posted a lot of racist crap on his own personal facebook page. …And then whined and complained when he was called out for it

Schinella posted on his Facebook page, “Northern New England is the way it is because we’re the only people who want to be here. We’re very welcoming (see the Free State Project), but don’t come here if you’re going to change everything. We like it the way it is, which is why we are here and not where you live now.”

…“We don’t want or need New Hampshire to become any kind of cesspool. We have enough problems and many of us don’t want or need to pay more taxes because the new people moving in expect the same things they had in their other states. We are small; we don’t have the ability to tax our way out of problems.”

…“Diversity for diversity’s sake doesn’t bring us anything. An extreme example? 1,300 illegal alien Dominican drug dealers moving from Lawrence to, say, Concord will make the state 1 percent more diverse; but it would also bring more crime, higher taxes for public safety, and higher taxes for schools to teach their children.”

…”The people involved in this movement think they can bring in the ‘right’ kinds of people, but there is no guarantee of that. Central planners can’t control where people go and what they do; people move because they want to or they find opportunities; they don’t move because they don’t want to. It’s really that simple.”

NH Primary Source: State education department official says Facebook post not racially motivated



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