Woman harassed over Puerto Rican flag shirt says officer “blatantly ignored” her pleas for help

Irizarry, a veterinary technician, said Friday Trybus and two other people were sitting in a picnic shelter for which she had purchased a permit, so she approached them and asked them to leave. Trybus asked her twice if the flag on her T-shirt was a Texas flag, she said, and she replied both times that it was a Puerto Rican flag.

That’s when she said Trybus moved closer to her and stepped on a table.

…In the video, Trybus is seen telling Irizarry not to wear a T-shirt celebrating Puerto Rico if she’s an American citizen — despite the fact that Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory and Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens.

…Officer Connor then arrived, but the video shows he didn’t intervene even as the Trybus invaded Irizarry’s personal space and continued to harangue her as she asked for assistance.

…Her cousin, who had stepped away before the encounter, returned from the car and intervened. At that point the officer told the cousin to step back. 

…Cook County Commissioner Luis Arroyo called the video of “appalling, gut-wrenching, and a real wake-up call to everyone.” 

…The officer “embarrassed many of our law enforcement officers and tarnished the whole department with his failure to act,” Arroyo said.

….Irizarry said she finds the actions of Trybus and the officer “equally offensive.” She said she was “severely disappointed” that the officer stepped down from the force before he explained his motivations.

“I will never get to hear from this man, this protector, the reason for why my safety — no, my life — had such little value to him,” Irizarry said. “Why an American citizen would not reap the benefits of the police force when it was most needed.”

…Irizarry called the officer a “coward” for resigning.

“I just want justice for the whole thing, and I want the ex-officer to really be held accountable, whatever that looks like,” Irizarry said. “Of all the people who have apologized to me, the one person that hasn’t is him.”

Woman harassed over Puerto Rican flag shirt says officer “blatantly ignored” her pleas for help – CBS News



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