Queen Elizabeth II Trolled Trump’ with her brooch choices

Despite the fact Her Majesty is strictly neutral when  it comes to political matters, social media is convinced otherwise.

…Julie [@SamaruiKnitter]: Arrival day was the one that got the most attention. That day, she wore the brooch the Obamas gave her on their last visit to England. …This one was purchased out-of-pocket by Michelle and Barack Obama and given to her as a personal gift.’

…’And for the day of the tea, …the brooch worn [worn by the Queen also appeared] in the famous “Three Queens in Mourning” photo, worn by the Queen Mum. …’QE rolled up to tea with the Trumps wearing the brooch her mother wore to her father’s STATE FUNERAL.’

….For Trump’s final day in the UK …[The Queen wore a] sapphire brooch [given to her by the] Canadian people to mark her sapphire jubilee during an event in London celebrating 150 years of the Canadian Confederation in 2017.

…’You know, [the country that] Trump’s been screaming about and insulting. The commonwealth country and one of the UK’s greatest allies. Them.’

Did the Queen ‘troll Trump’ with her brooches?



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