Fox & Friends has another irrational childish tantrum when faced with Democrat who supports abolishing ICE

“[Trump] keeps saying, ‘we’re doing this to to go stop all of the crime, all of the MS-13.’ I think it was 228 people at the end of last fiscal year out over 300,000 that were MS-13. So again, he’s taking a group of people and branding them as criminals, which is just false.” (According to the Border Patrol, only 56 unaccompanied minors out of the hundreds of thousands who have crossed the border since 2012 were suspected of having MS-13 ties.)

…“How many illegals have you captured?” Kilmeade said. “How many people have you cracked down on?… You seem more concerned about illegals than you are about the men and women who decided to go through the academy and qualify for ICE.” [insert eyeroll for people who think law officers are more valuable than the people the are supposedly charged with protecting here.]

“It was created after 9/11 with main focus being around people who might have terrorist activity,” Pocan said. “Now we are going after people with traffic violations at a church or at a workplace. That doesn’t make any sense. So the president is using this as own police force. That is something that is completely wrong.”

…As the show went to commercial break, Pocan noted that his bill wouldn’t actually result in the firing of agents. Instead, they would be reassigned to other law enforcement agencies that would take over tasks currently performed by ICE.

Fox & Friends tries to ambush Democrat who supports abolishing ICE and it does not go well – ThinkProgress



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