Facebook Gave 60 Tech Firms Including Apple, Samsung ‘Deep Access’ to User Data-But Denies It Was Wrong

The U.S. social networking website set up data-sharing partnerships with at least 60 phone and tablet makers over the past 10 years. In the exchange, Facebook could expand its reach while the companies could implement features such as “like” buttons and image sharing. It alleged Facebook gave access to user data without consent.

Experts voiced concern that reckless sharing of data could lead to security and privacy risks. Accessed Facebook information, meanwhile, allegedly included political preferences, relationship statuses and upcoming diary dates—even for users who had not given explicit permission for their data to be shared.

The profile information was allegedly obtained via privately-built application programming interfaces (APIs) which are the back-end protocols that are used to develop mobile apps, functions and systems. It has been confirmed that Facebook user data was stored on the technology companies’ servers.

Facebook Gave 60 Tech Firms Including Apple, Samsung ‘Deep Access’ to User Data-But Denies It Was Wrong

When commodification of your customer base goes wrong and it should have dawned on you that if it wasn’t wrong to treat people, at the very least it was going to come back and bite you on the ass a bit but you never admit any wrong doing or make admissions that might open the corporate entity up to lawsuits so you double-down on delusional and obnoxious positions. Doh!

Seriously, any more of these delusional denials from facebook and I’m going to start rooting for all of the insufferable eggheads who’ve made money of this to be thrown unceremoniously in jail.


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