More hidden Mass State Police pay surfaces. This time? Millions in perks

Troop F is locked in public battle with Boston police over who patrols — and thus earns lucrative overtime and detail shifts — in the Seaport District. Troop E is at the center of an overtime scandal, in which at least 30 troopers allegedly put in for shifts they didn’t work. Meanwhile, there have been a handful of other controversies and major turnover in the top ranks.

…Under fire for failing to disclose pay data, state officials last week quietly released new State Police figures, revealing more than $3.4 million in additional payouts over four years.

Most, if not all, of the money appears tied to a single, generous perk: Troop F members got a $40 per diem for driving their own cars to work.

Troopers cashed in on the opportunity, earning up to $13,000 each year in per diems alone, and adding to salaries that included five- and six-figure overtime payouts.

…For State Police, the commuting perk is just one of a handful of benefits outlined in the State Police Association of Massachusetts contract, which covers most employees.

For example, staffers earn $75 a week if they commute at least 75 miles each way to work. They get a monthly $62.50 clothing stipend if they wear “civilian clothing” 10 days or more each month. And employees who work a five-day workweek get an extra 17 days off per year, in order to be fair to those who work four days on duty, then get two days off.

More hidden Mass State Police pay surfaces. This time: millions in perks – The Boston Globe



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