The Russia Investigations: On The Hunt For Duffel Bags Full Of Cash

On Friday, the Treasury Department targeted some of those same oligarchs for a new round of sanctions, along with a number of other Russian government officials and entities — including the state weapons exporter. And here was the description Treasury gave of the conduct of one targeted Russian, gold baron Suleiman Kerimov:

“He is alleged to have brought hundreds of millions of euros into France — transporting as much as 20 million euros at a time in suitcases, in addition to conducting more conventional funds transfers — without reporting the money to French tax authorities.”

…Either way, their story suggests that one way Russia might have injected money into the American political system for the 2016 election and beyond was not via traceable and accountable electronic transfers, but through the old-fashioned delivery of cold hard cash.

Flying around stacks of cash is a time-honored way to get money into circulation in a distant place with no one in between learning about it — most of the time.

The Russia Investigations: On The Hunt For Duffel Bags Full Of Cash : NPR

What tha fa……? It’s like an astonishingly bad spy film, the kind where the bad guys are two-dimensional and will obviously be stopped int their own tracks because their gig is just to stupid to succeed.


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