Why I’m Voting for Feinstein, Even Though I Used to Hate Her

Seeing a perfect storm of sexism, racism, and fascism conspire to elect the worst president ever, suddenly made me reassess how I felt about “flawed” women leaders.

…Yes, she’s still way more corporate and conservative than I’d personally prefer. But she’s also a huge proponent of gun control, reproductive rights, and protecting the environment. She is extraordinarily successful at sponsoring and passing bills in the Senate. On a personal note, she’s a survivor of childhood abuse, tragically lost two colleagues to gun violence, had the windows of her home shot out and a bomb planted in her flower box, yet has never allowed any of this to deter her from public office. In other words, she’s kind of a badass.

…But most importantly, she’s one of the highest ranking Democrats on the Judiciary and Intelligence committees.

…those committees have the most power to stop Trump. They are the ones responsible for investigating his criminal activity and, eventually, if we turn Congress blue, impeaching him.

In addition, up until very recently, she belonged to the even more exclusive “Gang of Eight,” which means she had access to top secret intel for years.

…as we all know, it’s not just about electing the most progressive candidate possible. If that were the only criteria, many of us wouldn’t have supported Doug Jones in Alabama.

Context matters.

Being strategic matters.

And right now, what matters most of all, is electing the best person to stop Trump.

…I know some people are complaining, “There’s always excuses to keep people like Feinstein in office. I’m not swayed by them because it’s never the right time!”

This is not just a bad time to do this, it’s the worst. We’re literally fighting the worst president ever. He is actively destroying the very foundations of our democracy, endangering our lives, and causing immeasurable suffering.

We need to stop Trump.

And we need the most powerful, experienced, badass Senator alive to help us do it.

That Senator is Dianne Feinstein.

Why I’m Voting for Feinstein, Even Though I Used to Hate Her



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