Striking teachers in West Virginia make sure kids still eat

When teachers at Beckley Elementary in West Virginia considered going on strike, they worried their students would go to bed hungry. About 300 of the school’s 430 students rely on the free breakfast and lunch programs and a closed school meant many would have rumbling bellies.

…In a faculty meeting, they pooled money to purchase pizzas, fruit, and water. They set the first free lunch at a local grocery store on the second day of the strike, last Friday. When the local Sam’s Club and Little Caesar’s Pizza learned of it, they also donated items.

…During the four-day strike, teachers throughout West Virginia went out of their way to provide students with food. Teachers and staff at Horace Mann Middle School in Charleston prepared bagged lunches to send home with their students before they hit the picket line. Others worked with local food pantries to drop food off at students’ homes.

…As the strike lingered, teachers continued finding ways to feed their students. On Monday, Williams and his colleagues made snack bags, with nonperishable foods, such as ramen noodles, mac and cheese and ravioli, which they delivered to their students. Observing the children’s reaction made the effort worth it.

Striking teachers in West Virginia make sure kids still eat –



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