The Outer Banks Voice: CCA, GOP to blame for proposed license change

The proposed definition would require standard commercial license holders to earn at least 50 percent of his or her income from commercial fishing, make $10,000 or more a year in fish sold, and also turn in 36 or more Trip Tickets per year.

…Corbett seemed to back arguments that the new definitions were needed to eliminate commercial fishing licenses held by recreational anglers who used the licenses to skirt catch limits.

…“I fish pound nets for flounder. It’s about a six-month job to get flounder nets prepared and set and you got three months of fishing and you fish two days a week because you let them sit for several days before you fish them.

“I don’t believe in any year I would have made 36 Trip Tickets,” Tobin said. “With that said, in a good year, we’re making $75,000 to $100,000 a year.”

“In a bad year, when there’s hurricanes, we make less than $10,000 because our nets are torn up.”

…The state Republican Party wasted time repealing a plastic bag ban that cost no jobs locally.

One has to now question why they are aiding [an effort]  destroy a business that has an estimated value of $25 million annually to Dare County’s economy alone and supports entire communities such as Wanchese and Stumpy Point.

The Outer Banks Voice – Commentary: CCA, GOP to blame for proposed license change

It does sound like these changes would make it harder for people who are not part of a huge commercial fishing outfit to fish for a living. Why not require commercially licensed fishermen to sell their catch or losses instead? Or create a separate license to smaller commercial outfits?


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