The Dark Twisted Failure of Devin Nunes

Devin Nunes, the climate-denying mediocrity from Tulare, California, will take his place in the mythology as Trump and Putin’s most useful idiot on Capitol Hill.

…it was a short step into historical infamy last March, when Nunes made his clandestine “midnight run” to the White House to be given (by one of Flynn’s toadies) classified documents that falsely “proved” President Obama had “wiretapped Trump Tower,” which he proceeded to make public in a manner so clumsy he almost lost his Intelligence perch.

…This year, Nunes laid his second great claim to historical infamy by ordering up the four-page #ReleaseTheMemo that purported to prove that Christopher Steele’s dossier, sponsored by Hillary Clinton, was the FBI’s sole rationale for launching an investigation into the Trump-Russia connection. The fact that the memo showed exactly the opposite was a minor inconvenience; Memogate, like the original Nunes caper, became (and remains) a deadly effective weapon of mass distraction. [empahsis: mine]

…Nunes had, below the radar, begun to produce his own fake news, with his campaign team publishing a website called The California Republican. Billing itself on Facebook as a “media/news company” that publishes “the best of US, California, and Central Valley news, sports, and analysis,” The California Republican turned out to be little more than an aggregation of pro-Trump propaganda lifted from The National Review and The Federalist, leavened with borrowed stories about the evils of California liberalism and (you truly cannot make this stuff up) a steady flow of reports about Fresno State University’s football team.

…The brief and puffed-up controversy over Nunes’s publishing venture will be, of course, a mere footnote in the history of a congressional mediocrity’s weird rise to national prominence as a witting tool of Vladimir Putin – and, according to a New York Times op-ed on Monday, potentially as another target of Robert Mueller’s investigation into obstruction of justice. But it’s a telling subplot in the larger drama, as one more instance of the unquestioned talent Trump and his co-conspirators have displayed for ratfucking the media, and ultimately the American public. While Nunes cried “fake news” at every turn – “Almost every story that runs about me is fake,” he mock-complained to Rush Limbaugh last week – his massive campaign kitty was being used to produce a website devoted to partisan spin.

The Dark Twisted Failure of Devin Nunes – Rolling Stone



Apparently, they do not know it is double-speak they speak.


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