Bill To Overhaul Drug Sentences Faces Uncertain Fate; GOP Senator Lashes Out At DOJ

The Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act would put more power in the hands of individual federal judges and pave the way for about 3,000 federal inmates punished under old crack cocaine drug laws to ask courts for leniency. It also creates incentives for low-risk prisoners to participate in programming* and ease their return to society.

The bill has attracted broad bipartisan support in the divided Senate, with nearly two dozen sponsors from both political parties. That’s a source of pride for Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa.

But this week, on the eve of the committee vote, Sessions went out of his way to send a letter to Grassley calling the legislation a “grave error” because he said it would “reduce sentences for a highly dangerous cohort of criminals.”

…Grassley noted that Sessions was a controversial choice to serve as the nation’s top law enforcement officer, but that the senator had shepherded him through the process. And, Grassley added, he defended Sessions again last year after President Trump moved to fire him — only to be paid back with an unwelcome letter targeting a bipartisan compromise he had worked hard to achieve.

Bill To Overhaul Drug Sentences Faces Uncertain Fate; Senator Lashes Out At DOJ : NPR

Um, Grassley? Have you been awake at all in the past two years? What would ever possess you to think you can count on the friendship of the Cheeto in Chief or any member of his cabinet? Just desserts for just plain stupidity, maybe?

*A tiny footnote here: “Programming” is an interest choice of turn of phrase…


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