Forcing Franken Out, Dems Fail and Republicans Laugh

[Although] he requested an ethics investigation, these holier-than-thou people were on a witch hunt to prove that “liberals set a better standard than conservatives”. …A variety of comments ranging from “he admitted it and apologized” to “with so many women accusing him, he has to be guilty”. …Rather than let due process continue, this onslaught was followed up by a number of Franken’s fellow Senators requesting that he step down. These were mostly women (and some men) who should have known better. They should have stated their disappointment or even disgust, but supported an ethics investigation. Instead, they simply attacked.

…. In this knee-jerk, mob mentality response, the liberals showed that they have no idea what they are doing and lack even the most basic concept of critical thinking. …[Republicans] know that Democrats will gladly “eat-their-own” in their eternal purity test.

…Instead of stepping back and looking at this logically, they are wrapped up in a frenzy of what could be considered to be vitriol hate and vengeance. They sound like people that have “finally” gotten their opportunity to lash back and in doing so, they are no different than the men that have disbelieved the voices of women throughout the years.

…What the attackers don’t realize and didn’t take into consideration is that “truth” is what we should be seeking, not vindictive vengeance. This was a golden moment when liberals could have followed the process through and by having an ethics investigation of our own, we could then turn around and require the same of the conservatives. Both public opinion and the media could have achieved something that hasn’t been done and that was to ultimately require an ethics investigation of Trump for his sexual assault accusations.

In their foolish, mob mentality responses, the Democrats not only lost the leverage of this requirement, but systematically ate-their-own.

Forcing Franken Out, Dems Fail and Republicans Laugh



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