Trump’s Puerto Rico drop-in was a monumental insult

President Donald Trump visited an island completely devastated by the fury of Hurricane Maria and in full Trump fashion, used the opportunity as a self-aggrandizing political photo op to pat himself on the back for the “great work” he and administration have done in Puerto Rico.

…Before departing for the island “tour,” he slammed Puerto Rico’s debt problems, yet again, by saying that Puerto Rico had thrown the federal budget “out of whack” with what the recovery would cost. I don’t remember him throwing Texas or Florida’s debt in their face when he generously approved their recovery packages.

…He also gave out flashlights but then yelled out, “But you all don’t need flashlights anymore do you!” in a clear attempt to highlight the “great work” he has done to bring the island back from disaster.

People DO need flashlights, however: Just 8.6 percent of the population has electricity. In addition, just 48 percent have access to drinking water. 

…the upscale neighborhood Trump visited sustained minimal damage. 

… even the residents who were chosen to speak with Trump were baffled at why he would be there instead of in the most ravaged areas where people lived on coconut water for a week because they were cut off from the rest of the island.

Trump’s Puerto Rico drop-in was a monumental insult | TheHill



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