Pence and Religiously-rooted Discrimination against Women in the Workplace

Women aides described the many ways in which men who adhere to the Graham Rule left them out of meetings and professionally relevant recreational activities. The “never alone with a woman” rule makes it difficult for these women to do their jobs, become part of their workplace cultures and compete effectively for promotions.

…The idea that a man cannot be alone with a woman he is not married to is the essence of maintaining fraternity in the professional and political worlds.

…The evanescent effects on the workplace of self-described religious beliefs like these make any statements about women’s equality moot in tangible, practical terms. Attitudes like his will keep women out of important roles in the White House and beyond.

Mike Pence Is Why We Have To Stop Excusing Religious Sexism | The Huffington Post

What the author fails to put forth here is simply this:

There is nothing wrong with two people orchestrating and living a marriage in a way which not only follow their own beliefs and values. As long as both individuals are consenting active participants in something that works for them and no one is getting hurt? It’s just another variation on marriage and relationships.

The inner workings of the Pence marriage aren’t -or at least shouldn’t be- the issue here.

The issue is that this behavior impacts women who did not choose to live their lives this way and the unfair burden Pence’s choices place on women to be able to perform their jobs on a fair, ethical, honorable, and -most of all- level playing field.


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