Breonna Taylor shooting: 911 call details aftermath of police raid

Breonna Taylor shooting: 911 call details aftermath of police raid


Yes, the Peanut Gallery does typically respond to these stories with comments about how much they want the victims to sue, sue, SUE THE MUNICIPALITIES INTO THE GROUND. Yes, the Peanut Gallery is aware that innocent tax-paying citizens would, in effect, be left picking up the tab.

Follow us here…. If a municipality suddenly goes bankrupt and can’t pay for schools or parks and the like, people will complain. They will ray a stink. they will raise a fuss. If not in the first municipality it happens to, then it will in another. At some point it will come down to local government having to answer to why there is no money, and the answer is because someone keeps hiring cops who commit violent crimes and letting them loose on the street even after they have been accused of misconduct, reckless acts, and violence. At some point, some community is going to actually be able to hold some local government accountable for high cost of hiring cops like that and keeping them on the street and the local government will stop allowing officers on the payroll to commit violent crimes. The cost will become too much to do anything else.

The peanut gallery cannot think of any other way to break the Thin Blue Line. Make no mistake, as long as the Thin Blue Line exists, good cops will always back up, lie for, and cover up for the bad ones, they will all always fall to lowest level among them. As long the thin blue line exists, officers’ first priority will always be to be protect each other. As long their first priority is protecting each other, they will always pose a danger to the public they are sworn to protect. If cops protect themselves above all others, what is the point of them being there in the first place?

Why should tax payers be compelled to pay the salaries of people who pose a clear danger to the public? The police unions have a bunch of money, they could pay the police’s salary for a while. It would be more fitting to have them pay, because they are the ones being protected.

And yes, of course there are good cops. But as long as the Thin Blue Line exists, every single officer is culpable in the misdeeds of the few. Until officers of the law hold each other to higher standards and put protecting the citizenry above protecting each other, all officers are equally guilty in the crimes of any officer.

In short?  Make their local governments hold them to higher standard. Sue them into the ground, Walker!



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