Security Researchers Say The Reopen America Campaign Is Being Astroturfed

Cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs and researchers at DomainTools have separately analysed web addresses including the word “reopen.” And interestingly, they’ve found that many of these can be linked to domains associated with gun advocacy groups, lobbyists, and other conservative organisations.

…Over 500 new domains related to the protests have been registered in the past month. Many of them are linked to only a few groups.

…The “reopen America” domains are the work of a single gun advocacy network.

…These groups tie back to Aaron Dorr, a registered lobbyist for the state of Iowa.

…The domains “” and “” are linked to FreedomWorks, a conservative group that has reportedly been holding virtual meetings with members of Congress.

Perhaps most alarmingly of all, Krebs finds that “” was registered on April 16 to In Pursuit Of LLC, a Virginia-based conservative group with several former employees who Krebs claims now work at the White House or in cabinet agencies.

Security Researchers Say The Reopen America Campaign Is Being Astroturfed



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