An Aircraft Carrier Is No Place to Fight Coronavirus

When Crozier first heard he had a few cases, he must have felt his heart skip a beat, as the odds were high that many, many more cases were already circulating through the crew. Very shortly, he had 20 cases, then 50, then 100. 

…Crozier certainly knows that the mission comes first. And in his heartfelt letter, he acknowledged that if we were in a war, he would simply do the best he could, hope most of the infected had only mild symptoms, and go to the fight weakened but hopefully operational. But the USS Theodore Roosevelt was not headed to war, a circumstance in which the health of the force has to come first. In this case, the extraordinary choice was to evacuate the crew (all but the 10% needed to run the reactor and disinfect the ship) and keep the ship parked in Guam for at least two weeks.

An Aircraft Carrier Is No Place to Fight Coronavirus – Bloomberg




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