Democratic primary: no election rigging against Sanders for Biden – Vox

Experts who’ve studied actual rigged elections in places like Russia say the notion that the Democratic primary is being “rigged” is completely bogus — and they warn that perpetuating this narrative could deeply harm the legitimacy of the election, and faith in US democracy itself.

…Are there misgivings to be had about the way that people of color and minorities were covered during this election and the way that the female candidates were covered by the media? Absolutely. Is that election rigging? No.

A lot of the other commentary I saw, particularly from some Sanders supporters, was that the fact that moderates like Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg endorsed Biden was some sort of election rigging. That’s a normal political process that happens all the time. That’s not rigging.

…The fact that US states are the ones administering elections means there is less room for top-down corruption or top-down rigging. …States so firmly hold onto that control. They have the right to purchase voting machines, they have the right to set what ballots look like. They have the right to set the rules and regulations for how elections are run in their states.

So it’s very, very difficult to organize some sort of top-down effort, especially in some cases where those election officials may not be of the same political party as you.

…Even the allegation of election rigging might discourage some people from going out and voting. That was worrisome when President Trump said that the election was rigged in the 2016 campaign, and it’s worrisome now when we have candidates on the left and the right saying the same thing.

Democratic primary: no election rigging against Sanders for Biden – Vox



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