Nancy Pelosi has a Bernie Sanders strategy – CNNPolitics

“It is not unusual for a party platform or the candidates for president to have their own agenda that they would put forth. And it’s not unusual for the House of Representatives to have its agenda, as well. We have to win in certain particular areas. We’re not about a popular vote in the country or in particular states, in terms of your Electoral College. We are in district by district. And that’s how we won last time we demonstrated that we know how to win.”

Read between the lines and you get this: House Democrats will absolutely break with Sanders’ expansive views on government involvement and spending, if doing so makes it more likely for them to keep their House majority.

…But what Pelosi is doing here is simply preserving the possibility that if a) Sanders is the nominee and b) it looks like his push for the elimination of private health insurance or for the Green New Deal is hurting House incumbents in swing seats, then she will have laid the groundwork to break with the nominee and go another way. It’s not a “when” but rather more of an “if.”

Nancy Pelosi has a Bernie Sanders strategy – CNNPolitics



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