Democratic Leaders Not Willing to Break the Rules to Accommodate Bernie Sander’s Whims

Mr. Sanders argued that he should become the nominee at the convention with a plurality of delegates, to reflect the will of voters, and that denying him the nomination would enrage his supporters and split the party for years to come.

“Bernie wants to redefine the rules and just say he just needs a plurality,” Mr. Jacobs said. “I don’t think we buy that. I don’t think the mainstream of the Democratic Party buys that. If he doesn’t have a majority, it stands to reason that he may not become the nominee.”

…The argument of Mr. Sanders and his allies — that a plurality of delegates should be sufficient to clinch the nomination — is a different standard than the one laid out in party rules that his team helped draft two years ago. It’s also a reversal of their stance in 2016, when Mr. Sanders encouraged superdelegates to support him over Mrs. Clinton, who secured the majority of pledged delegates.

…“Bernie had a big hand in writing these rules,” Ms. Warren said during a CNN forum on Wednesday night. “I don’t see how he thinks he gets to change them now that he thinks there’s an advantage for him.”

There is no widespread public effort underway to undercut Mr. Sanders  [despite what outlets and rumor mongers like the New York Times are fanning the flames of division with.]

….[Despite the fear-mongering and innuendo spread by outlets like the New York Times the truth is that] historically, superdelegates had always [emphasis: peanut gallery] supported the candidate who won the most pledged delegates, which accrue from primary and caucus wins.

Democratic Leaders Willing to Risk Party Damage to Stop Bernie Sanders – The New York Times

There NYTimes, fix ed your shitty headline for you. (STOP fueling the fires of division with misleading commentary and outright misinformation you irresponsible hacks!!!)


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