Earth to the Vapid Echo Chamber: Slow results are not ‘rigged’ results

The practice of nonprofessionals administering caucuses adds another reason to question the entire caucus system, which is generally undemocratic and unrepresentative to begin with.

…The other problem is our impatience to know the outcome. Regardless of who is running an election, the news media and the public should let the process play out without demanding immediate results. Spending several days to determine an election winner is a feature, not a bug, of election administration. [Telling the public otherwise is an unforgivably irresponsible falsehood.]

…The danger here is that media frenzies over late or even less than immediate results can undermine public faith in our elections.

…Let’s remember election night 2018, when some pundits did not wait for West Coast results before deeming Democrats’ hoped-for blue wave a bust. Eventually, but not immediately, results from California and other states made the wave a reality. But the normal delay in processing ballots still opened the door for Republicans to speculate about irregularities and plant doubts about the count.

…Delays should not undermine the public’s faith in our election system. Campaigns should not use this media narrative to plant unfounded ideas of electoral shenanigans. Election officials should not rush their processes due to media pressure.

Nevada, South Carolina Democratic contests: Counting votes takes time



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