Bernie Sanders’s Trump-like campaign is a disaster for Democrats

The New York Times reports on Sanders’s swarm of online supporters, who have waged vicious and personal attacks on his critics, often focusing on feminist women. “Some progressive activists who declined to back Mr. Sanders have begun traveling with private security after incurring online harassment. Several well-known feminist writers said they had received death threats,” the Times explains. “A state party chairwoman changed her phone number.

…Sanders hired one of social media’s most aggressive trolls, David Sirota.

…His team’s baseless claim (for which he had to apologize) that former vice president Joe Biden is corrupt was positively Trumpian. The out-of-context clip that Sanders distributed on social media falsely suggesting Biden favored Social Security cuts was slapped down by fact-checkers, but Sanders continued to insist that Biden supported cuts.

…A nominee who insists on personally attacking all doubters and the media might be a model for the Republican Party, but Democrats are not going to win with their own Donald Trump, especially one who has burned bridges and stirred resentment in his own party.

Bernie Sanders’s Trump-like campaign is a disaster for Democrats – The Washington Post

Solid points but at best Buttigieg is a propped up, carefully calibrated, Stepford child of the Truman Project. At worst? Divisively lacking in intersectionality.


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