Ring and Nest hackers: Home security cameras vulnerable to cyberattacks

Home security cameras are leaving users vulnerable to frightening cyberattacks.

…The vulnerability of passwords for home cameras appears to have been known for some time. A year ago, a Canadian security consultant hacked into a home camera in Arizona and chatted with a real estate agent in order to raise awareness of the problem.

…Deral Heiland, the Internet of Things lead analyst at cybersecurity research firm Rapid7, thinks that Ring, Nest and others will find it hard to put an end to such attacks. In part, that’s because consumers commonly reuse passwords, and manufactures are reluctant to require two-factor verification because some users find it difficult, he said. 

But the main problem is that the products are popular, attracting hackers. 

“People really need to think about where they install these cameras,” Heiland said. “External cameras make sense. In a bedroom or bathroom, it is questionable.”

Ring and Nest hackers: Home security cameras vulnerable to cyberattacks – CBS News

Dear American Sheeple,

A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G can be hacked. Anytime you use the cloud to store your information it can be hacked. Want security? Don’t have info/camera feeds/etc. online you want to keep private.

I repeat: nothing stored in the cloud is private. Ever!


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