Katie Hill’s downfall highlights stark generational divide among Democrats

Hill’s situation is complicated.

The California Democrat vehemently denied an improper relationship with a congressional aide, allegations that prompted a House Ethics Committee investigation. But Hill acknowledged an “inappropriate” relationship with a separate campaign staffer. [And -potentially at the hands of an allegedly abusive husband-] she faced a barrage of nude photos published on conservative websites and the threat of hundreds more to come.

Some senior Democrats, who came of age long before the proliferation of cellphone cameras, have privately suggested that Hill should have been more careful. 

…“Our darling Katie. It’s so sad,” Pelosi said, according to two Democratic sources with knowledge of the meeting. “It goes to show you, we should say to young candidates, …be careful when transmitting photos.”

…[Hill] initially vowed to remain in Congress and cooperate with the Ethics Committee investigation.

The details of the scandal — leaked text messages about being in a “throuple” and intimate photos where Hill also appeared to hold a bong — [controversial on their own, let alone] in a body where the average age of lawmakers is 57.6 years and the caucus’ top three leaders are all near 80 years old.

…While Hill’s circumstances may be extreme, it is the kind of situation that could become more commonplace as more lawmakers arrive in Washington with an extensive digital footprint, lawmakers and aides say.

Katie Hill’s downfall highlights stark generational divide among Democrats – POLITICO


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