Hillary Clinton on Medicare for All: ‘The Goal Is the Right Goal,’ but It Won’t Pass

Clinton was most blunt about [Senator] Warren’s proposal to replace private health insurance with a single-payer system funded largely by taxes on the wealthy and corporations. Asked if she thought that proposal could get passed into law, Mrs. Clinton answered in the negative.

“No, I don’t — I don’t,” she said. “But the goal is the right goal.”

…[Clinton suggested] that “the smarter approach is to build on what we have” by adding the option of a public health care plan to the offerings of the Affordable Care Act.

…[She] sounded a note of skepticism about the detail-rich policy debates that have helped shape the Democratic primary so far. Those disputes during primary season, she said, do not always translate into actual governance after the election.

Her 2008 primary battle with Barack Obama furnished an instructive case study, Mrs. Clinton said: During that campaign, Mr. Obama fiercely opposed her proposal for a government mandate that all individuals purchase health insurance, but he went on to include that very rule as president.

The clash over health care unfolding in the primary now, she said, represented “a very healthy debate.”

Hillary Clinton on Medicare for All: ‘The Goal Is the Right Goal,’ but It Won’t Pass – The New York Times

Less editorializing, more facts, Burns. And show some respect for the subject matter and use the proper titles!

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