Peter Navarro, a Trump adviser, made up expert he regularly quoted

Trump’s senior adviser Peter Navarro quoted a China hawk named “Ron Vara.”

…Vara is quoted in at least six of Navarro’s books.

…There’s just one problem — Vara doesn’t …exist, …an Australian academic …determined that Vara is actually Navarro. Ron Vara is even an anagram of Navarro’s last name.

…Navarro had admitted to inventing the character of Ron Vara, describing it as a “whimsical device and pen name.”

…According to the 2001 book, Vara was a captain in a reserve unit during the Gulf War as well as a doctoral student in economics at Harvard University in the US.

When Morris-Suzuki called Harvard, they said they didn’t have any record of any alumni with that name.

Peter Navarro, a Trump adviser, appears to have made up expert he regularly quoted – CNNPolitics

Jeezus CNN. You don’t have to help along the lie by saying “doesn’t appear to exist.” He admitted the man doesn’t exist. It’s established fact. Stop giving momentum to the spread of lies in some misguided attempt at neutrality and stick to the facts, you spineless cowards.

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