Kamala Harris Touts Tough Image as Her 2020 Presidential Campaign Slips in Key Early States

Harris’ national press secretary, gave the story—and several similar takes throughout the day—a retweet. 

“This now has 5 million views,” Lily Adams, Harris’ communications director, wrote on Twitter, linking to a C-SPAN video that showed the full exchange between Harris and Barr.

But far outside Washington, on the presidential campaign trail, Harris is receiving less attention. 

…While strategists and activists agree it’s hardly too late for the California senator to pull off a surprise victory, warning signs are popping up for her campaign in Iowa and beyond. 

“In June she said we were going to be seeing her a lot,” Drahozal said. “We have not heard back from her directly.”

…“If the strategy is New Hampshire is not important to their campaign, that’s an OK strategy, but don’t get mad when people point it out,” one Democrat who has long worked in the state said.

…“For Kamala, what happened in these states is that she didn’t stake out a lane and stay focused in that lane,” one Democratic strategist in the state unaffiliated with any campaign, said. “I think she underestimated the strength in the black community of Joe Biden, and she underestimated the strength of the progressive community” for Warren.

Kamala Harris Touts Tough Image as Her 2020 Presidential Campaign Slips in Key Early States

The world inside the DC bubble is often not reflected in the real world. You cannot campaign in South Carolina or New Hampshire the same way you do in California. Both of these points seem to have eluded the Senator’s organization. If she still wants to be President of the United States -as opposed to, say, President of California- she would do well to heed them.

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