Progressives Miss the Forest for the Trees By Feuding With Speaker Pelosi

Pelosi’s job is to work for, and protect, all the members of the House Democratic caucus. And the electoral incentives of relatively moderate members in tough districts will always weigh heavily in that calculation – especially when the more liberal members need those moderates to get their own priorities passed.

…The good ones – Pelosi, John Boehner, Tip O’Neill – have very few star moments, and lots of episodes where they take the brunt of abuse from their own party.

Why is that? One reason is because there are always partisans who don’t really understand vote counts – and plenty of others who are willing to [whisper] to the rank-and-file that the real reason party leaders aren’t acting is because they’re afraid or weak or don’t really believe in the cause. Usually, the real reason for inaction is that the votes just aren’t there. Sometimes the leadership can win over dissenters, but usually it’s difficult. 

Why Are Liberals Like AOC Mad at Nancy Pelosi? – Bloomberg

From the mouths of conservatives….

AOC & co all have lots of potential but right now they are a graduate-level study in why Progressivea don’t seem to be able to get things done.

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