Barack Obama represents the old Democratic party

Barack Obama represents the old Democratic party | Bhaskar Sunkara | Opinion | The Guardian


Isn’t it adorable how each new group of people to enter the party think they are so different and so much better than what came before?

Obama was guilty of it and now he is the target. Really though, was moderate Obama so different than the Clintons he saw fit to eviscerate in his campaigns? Or were they so different than the guard they took over the mantle of?

It’s like the cycle of life, new people come in tout themselves as the answer and spit on the experience and leadership of those who came before, only to be seen as part of the old guard by the next group and the cycle continues. If we are very lucky, the cycle moves slowly and experienced leaders aren’t put out to pasture before the new guard learns their ass from their elbow. …And that’s if we’re lucky….

Obama might have a point about purity firing circles but it is a point that was equally applicable to his own tenure.


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