New Zealand Introduces Legislation That Would Ban Most Semi-Automatic Firearms

The Arms (Prohibited Firearms, Magazines, and Parts) Amendment Bill, introduced by Nash, would make it illegal to own certain parts that can be used to assemble prohibited weapons. Nash said Monday that the gunman in the Christchurch attacks created military-style weapons from legally purchased semi-automatic guns and high-capacity magazines.

…In addition to banning most semi-automatic firearms, the bill also prohibits the sale, import, supply or possession of pump-action shotguns that can be used with detachable magazines or that hold more than five cartridges. It excludes pistols, as well as some guns — “small-calibre rimfire semi-automatic firearms and lesser-capacity shotguns” — often used by farmers and hunters. The measure also provides exemptions for groups such as “bona fide collectors of firearms” and pest controllers.

The bill provides amnesty covering the surrender of firearms, magazines and parts through Sept. 30. Ardern has said the government will create a buyback scheme to compensate owners of banned firearms, a program that could cost up to 200 million New Zealand dollars (around $137 million).

New Zealand Introduces Legislation That Would Ban Most Semi-Automatic Firearms : NPR


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