‘Abortion Reversal’ With Progesterone Is Being Tested In Study

Legislators in Arkansas, Idaho, South Dakota and Utah have made it a legal requirement in recent years that doctors who provide medical abortions must tell their patients that “reversal” is an option, although they are not prevented from also telling patients if they think the treatment doesn’t work.

Medical researchers such as Creinin and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecology are concerned by that trend.

“[This is] a law based on no science — absolutely zero science,” Creinin says.

…Already in 2019, legislators in several states — Kansas, Kentucky, North Dakota and Nebraska — have been considering bills that would require abortion providers to tell their patients about abortion reversal. Back in 2017, Delgado testified in support of similar legislation in Colorado, although the proposal never made it into law.

Grossman says he’s furious that states are forcing abortion providers to give their patients inaccurate information related to abortion care.

What’s more, Grossman says, “these laws take an extra step … and essentially are encouraging patients to be a part of clinical research that isn’t really being appropriately monitored. … This is really an experimental treatment.”

‘Abortion Reversal’ With Progesterone Is Being Tested In Study : Shots – Health News : NPR



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