TSA defends ‘Quiet Skies’ monitoring program

The Boston Globe first reported on Sunday that the TSA implemented the “Quiet Skies” program years ago to help eliminate threats posed by “unknown or partially known terrorists.” 

Through the program, undercover federal air marshals observe passengers’ behavior. This can include watching how close they stand to the boarding area, how often they use the bathroom and any behavioral tics such as sweating or twitching.

The report included critical accounts of the program from some air marshals, who said they felt it was a poor use of resources to track nonthreatening travelers.

TSA defends ‘Quiet Skies’ monitoring program | TheHill

The TSA sounds more inefficiently and irrationally focused Big Brother than usual in this article. with their record of ineptitude, shouldn’t they be focusing more on the basics and leaving the spy stuff to people who are more qualified, or at least less inept?


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