Rudy Giuliani accuses Twitter of bias for hyperlinking text

Of course, it wasn’t “Twitter allowing someone to invade” Giuliani’s tweet because that is patently ridiculous. It was, as The New York Times reports, a quick-thinking prank from Jason Velazquez, the owner of a web design firm in Atlanta, who noticed that Giuliani’s typo accidentally created a valid hyperlink. Velazquez quickly bought the URL and published the message “Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country.”

…(While a basic knowledge of how hyperlinks work on Giuliani’s part would have solved this issue, it’s also worth pointing out that editable tweets would have allowed Giuliani to simply fix his typo.)

While this could all be interpreted as an amusing gaffe by someone who doesn’t understand how the internet works, it’s a bit more concerning when you consider that Giuliani — who runs a cybersecurity consulting firm called Giuliani Partners — also serves as Trump’s adviser for cybersecurity issues. The fact that instead of simply owning up to his error, Giuliani immediately turned toward accusing Twitter of anti-Trump bias is extremely problematic.

Rudy Giuliani accuses Twitter of bias for hyperlinking text – The Verge


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