Is Jeff Epstein Also Running A Ponzi Scheme? – Business Insider

There are still mysteries around the money manager’s sexual habits but perhaps not enough people are asking the question: is Epstein running a Ponzi scheme?

…[The] 2002 New York magazine piece on Epstein raises several red flags.

…This kind of secrecy and exclusivity, viewed in the light of Bernie Madoff, is at the very least suspicious.

Another red flag is the way the money is managed. In 2002, Epstein’s company reportedly had around 150 employees …but these employees are all said to be “administrative.” He reportedly employs no analysts, portfolio managers or traders. All of the investment decisions are said to be made by Epstein himself.

…Is there any other multi-billion-dollar financial company run this way?

[Hint: No.]

…Epstein reportedly only accepts investments of $1 billion or more. There aren’t many people out there who can place $1 billion with anyone, much less entrust it to a single individual. If this is a scam, we expect that Epstein lowers the billion bar for “friends” who are permitted to place much smaller sums with him.

[Or the high buy-in keeps intrusive eyes away because of the nature of it being out of reach for even those who are very, very rich. …Not to mention the mystique it creates.]

…Yet another red flag is that Epstein takes absolute control of the money, leaving investors with no options about how it is invested. According to rumors, he gives them little information about what he does with it.

…There are no SEC filings disclosing Epstein’s holdings. Not one. It’s hard to see how he could be managing billions without ever tripping a disclosure trigger, unless he avoids the stock market altogether and only invests in private deals. This is another red flag.

…But given the red flags and the fact that he reportedly controls billions of dollars, isn’t it something worth looking into?

Is Jeff Epstein Also Running A Ponzi Scheme? – Business Insider



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